Accident Investigation

All accidents must be investigated.

When we refer to all accidents, we mean not only accidents that cause injury, but also accidents in which no injury was sustained, i.e. damage to plant or equipment and even accidents where no injury or damage was sustained (often called near misses).

Reason 1. Establish the facts with the prime aim of preventing a recurrence.

Reason 2. Legal requirement to investigate accidents and record major injuries, incapacitating injuries and dangerous occurrences in a register.

Reason 3. Record the facts for future reference and analysis.

Black & White (UK) Ltd. can undertake this investigation for you, supplying you with a non-biased report with impartial evidence and statements followed by a full report and recommendations plan to ensure that the event does not occur again and to show to any authorities that action has been taken.

Our consultants are trained and specialise in road and vehicle accidents and in health and safety accidents (slips/trips, falls from height, etc.). Full statement and locus reports prepared.

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