Safety Policy Statements

Written and revised Health & Safety Policy Statements are mandatory for employers with 5 or more employees (Section 2 (3) of The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974).

Work suppliers may also request to see the statements before awarding contracts.

Black & White (UK) Ltd. supplies a qualified, experienced consultant to work with you ensuring that the policy document received is specific to the company and is in compliance with all legislation relevant to the business.

A typical policy document will contain, but is not limited to, a general statement of health and safety intent, the organisation and responsibilities, the arrangements, risk assessments, safe systems of work, chemicals, inspections, accident reports and fire.

Black & White (UK) Ltd. provides you with typical risk assessments forms, etc., (easily copied for future use).

Prices for each policy vary according to specific needs so please feel free to contact us on freephone 0800 04 333 16; we are always happy to discuss with you the specific health and safety requirements of your business.

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