Training Services

Possibly the most important aspect of a health and safety management system. Employees must be trained to identify risks and hazards, use guards, wear protective clothing, etc..

Without training the workforce do not know why they have to comply with orders, often resulting in reduced compliance. Via training, their awareness of risks is increased, giving naturally increased compliance with the protective measures in place.

All training courses are tailored to your business. For many of the courses, we visit your facility to understand your workflow, gathering relevant data and information, enabling real situations to be used directly in your courses.

Training can be undertaken in-house at your facility or Black & White can arrange for it take place in a suitable location near to your site with, normally, between 6 to 20 per course. If you only have a small number of people to be trained then consider combining two courses into one training day.

 If a subject required is not listed, or you have specific needs, then contact us as courses can be developed on demand.

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