Confined Space Awareness – Low Risk Entry

Confined Space awareness courses are for all employers, employees and self-employed working in any type of confined space.

The course focus meets the requirements of The Confined Spaces Regulations 1997.

On average, 15 people are killed every year in the UK across a wide range of working environments in confined spaces (operation of complex plant to storage vessel access). In addition, a large number of people are also seriously injured.

Unfortunately those losing their lives include not only people working in the confined space but also those who try to rescue them without prior training and using incorrect equipment.

A confined space is a space of an enclosed nature where there is exposure to hazardous substances or dangerous conditions (e.g. lack of oxygen).

Black & White (UK) Ltd. give you confidence to identify the hazards present, assess the potential risks and determine the precautions to be taken within confined spaces.

UK law requires that there must be a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risks for all work activities for the purpose of deciding what measures are necessary for safety.

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