Construction (Design & Management) Regulations

Over the last 10 years an average of 120 employees and self employed persons have been killed on construction sites each year.  An analysis by the Health and Safety Executive showed that over 60 percent of these fatalities were attributable to decisions made before the work on site even started.

It was against this background that the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (revised in 2007) came into force.

The regulations are intended to clarify and overcome some of the concerns and confusion within many parts of the construction industry and other organisations involved in construction work. They also strengthen some of the requirements and duties.

The regulations place specific responsibilities on clients, designers, CDM coordinators, principal contractors and contractors involved in construction.

They also created documentation that must be completed for all relevant construction projects e.g. safety plans and safety files.  Particular attention is paid within the regulations to issues such as competency, resources and communications.

It is vital that organisations and individuals involved in construction projects know their precise legal duties and responsibilities under the regulations in order to ensure that they not held criminally liable for any failures that may arise as a result of their ignorance.

The course is designed to make candidates aware of the requirements, roles and responsibilities under the regulations, as they apply to construction projects.

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