Dangerous Substances & Explosive Atmosphere Regulations

Consequences of explosions are usually significant, in terms of personal injury, capital loss of plant and production and whilst these events are rare the effects tends to dwarf a majority of any other accidents or incidents that may occur in the workplace; Buncefield is a clear example.

Therefore it is very important when personnel design, manage, operate and maintain plant involving these hazards, that they are competent to carryout the tasks they are undertaking.

Effective training is an essential element of any competency framework.  It is vital that personnel understand the risks associated with explosive atmospheres, and more importantlyunderstand the factors which increase the likelihood of an explosion, factors which they may contribute to, or even cause through a lack of understanding or relevant training.

Apart from suitable and sufficient training being a legal requirement it makes good business sense.

Effective training enhances the performance and knowledge of your employees reducing the risks in your workplace.

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