Display Screen Equipment

This half-day course ensures that you, as an employer comply with the requirements of the law and help prevent problems to your staff occurring.

Do you use computers or other display screen equipment?
Is there regular use of display screens as a significant part of the work?
Does anyone use a keyboard, mouse or other input device?
Are people complaining of discomfort, aches and pains?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions you must:

  • analyse workstations and assess and reduce risks
  • ensure workstations meet minimum requirements
  • plan VDU (incl PC monitors) work; staff must have breaks or changes of activity
  • provide eyesight tests for VDU users who request them, and spectacles as required
  • provide health and safety training and information for VDU users.

DSE has become synonymous with RSI (repetitive strain injury), however, it is not the display screen equipment that causes RSI but the poor working practices of the user of display screen equipment.

Training the workforce ensures that people are comfortable at their work place which also helps to prevent sickness, lost time, and insurance claims.

To discuss the content of the course and how Black & White (UK) Ltd. can help you keep your workforce happy then please call us on freephone 0800 04 333 16 or email enquiries@baw-has.co.uk

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