Introduction to Health & Safety

This course is designed as a basic introduction into health and safety, risk assessments and some common accident causes.

Over 200 people are killed each year in accidents at work and over one million people are injured. Over two million suffer illnesses caused by, or made worse by, their work.

Preventing accidents and ill health caused by work is a key priority for everyone at work.

As the owner or manager of a business you know that competent employees are valuable.  Providing health and safety information and training helps you to ensure your employees are not injured or made ill by the work they do, develop a positive health and safety culture, where safe and healthy working becomes second nature to everyone.

In turn, your business avoids the distress that accidents and ill health cause helping you to avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational ill health.

Damaged products, lost production and demotivated staff are all possible results of accidents in the workplace.

and don’t forget – insurance does not normally cover all costs

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